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Aust. Am. CH Can. CH. Kombinalong Super Power ET
(18 October 2003)


"Taz" is Prcd-PRA Pattern A, bilateral hearing, & sissor bite (though his upper left canine is now broken). His inbreeding coefficient is 23.91%. He stands at 50.8cm.

PennHIP evaluation is in the 70th percentile with no Degenerative Joint Disease or Cavitation.

His sire is Aust Ch Kombinalong Super Tramp. His dam is Aus. Ch Kombinalong Truly Super.


Warrukadli Field Day June 2011:
(7 years 8 months)

Still the big dog but starting to show
his age.






Taz obtained his Australian title in November 2006 and his Endurance Title in 2007.


He gained his American and Canadian titles in 2005.


Below he is 18 months old.