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AOE Am Grand CH GRAND CH Warrukadli Rebellion
(24 Feburary 2009)

His sire is "Aussie" (Grand CH Queblue Blu Min Aussie 4100105586)). His dam is 'Delta' (Am & Aust CH Warrukadli Blues Power DN08344306). Microchip: 900006000053187

He is Prcd Pattern A with bilateral hearing and sissor bite (missing 1 premolar). His inbreeding coefficient is 4.43%

He has excellent hips. His PennHIP distraction index on the Left is 0.42 and on the right is 0.39. There is no evidence of degenerative Joint Disease. His laxicity profile based on 291 Australian Cattle Dogs is tighter than approximately 80% of dogs in the breed.

Ned was shown in America during the second half of 2013 and in Jan '14. He obtained his American Champion title and his Grand Champion titles on the same day as Gabby. However, he was the first to obtain his awards and therefore is the first American and Australian Grand Champion Australian Cattle Dog. He obtained an Award of Excellence (AOE) at the Eukanuba Dog Show in Orland, Florida in December, 2013. Many thanks to Robin Hatcher for the pictures below.



Ned was awarded his Grand Championship title on 17 April 2014. To date he has been awarded: 7 classes in show & 20+ classes in group. He was BoB at the 2012 Canberra Royal, RuBOB & Dog Challenge at the 2011 Sydney Royal and RuBoB at the 2011 Canberra  Royal.

In the DogzOnline 2012 Breed pointscorehe was the the No 2 ACD (second to Warrukadli Farr Rising).

Opposite: Ned in Feb 2011 at about 3 years of age.

Warrukadli Field Day June 2011

(2 years, 4 months):

Sydney Royal 2011 (2 years): Challenge Dog and Runnder-up Best of Breed (33 ACD's).

Australian Cattle Dog Specialty September 2008 (6.5 months): Minor Puppy in Show

Judge Margaret Giles said "Well balanced puppy with pleasing head and well set ears. Excellent substance, moved easily as required."

Photo's by Mrs C. Edwards.

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