School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia
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Welcome to the Ballard Lab. Our goal is to link the genotype with the phenotype using comparative genomics, population genetics, biochemical analyses and life-history trait analyses.

Quarternary structure model of Drosophila COX. Mitochondrial DNA has been widely employed as an evolutionary marker to study the pattern of molecular evolution. We study the selective forces that influence the evolution of mtDNA and have used mitochondia as a model to study the bioenergetic link between the genotype and the phenotype in the fly Drosophila.

Most recently: Wen Aw was awarded his PhD in this field.


Desert Dingo. Since the untimely death
of Dr Alan Wilton we have taken over the genetic testing of Australian dingoes and are studying the evolutionary relationships of the dingo and their genetic subdivision in Australia.


Most recently: Sandy the Desert Dingo won the "Worlds Most Interesting Genome Competition" run by Pacific BioScience.