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Warrukadli Robinson Crusoe

(25 March 2008)

His sire is "Memphis" (Grand CH Landmaster Memphis Blues). His dam is 'Delta' (Am & Aust CH Warrukadli Blues Power). Crusoe was the single pup in the litter. Hence his name

He is Prcd Pattern A, has a sissor bite and is bilateral in hearing.

Crusoe lives with Veronica Mckee and is co-owned by Jenny Mckee and Bill Ballard.

Commentary at 7 weeks from Judge John Ellem:

Sturdy pup, excellent temperament. Head and expression good – proportion muzzle to skull correct. Skull shape good. Compact in body, high tail set & carriage, croup fairly flat. Well angulated hindquarters – forequarters shows slite slope to upper arm. Excellent wither, neck and back blending very well. Nice lay back of shoulder blade (tail carriage related to happy bold temperament). On the stack shows a very pleasing outline. Well bodied level topline. Most promising youngster.




    Left: Crusoe at 6 months.

    Below: Crusoe at 6 months.




    Left: Crusoe at 8 weeks.

    Below: Crusoe at 7 weeks.




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