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The Joy of Knowing BLUE (2002-2008)

Am & Can CH Yaringah Deacon Blues


Blue came into our lives as a bundle of joy just weeks after our son JohnO was born in 2002. I remember picking up a country-bred pup from the LA airport and taking her downtown to a dog-friendly hotel so that she could recover from her travels. These first three days in LA gave me insights into Blue’s character that would resonate throughout her life. She was smart, fun loving, loyal, a little on the obstinate side and cunning.

From LA we flew to Chicago and then overland to Iowa City. Blue took all this traveling in her stride and quickly adapted to her new family. She immediately took on the role of JohnO’s protector herding him away from the street whenever she thought he was too close and keeping an intent eye on him in the home.

Blue enforced the perimeter of our house block and terrorized rambling wildlife or students that tried to cut across our corner block. I recall one summer evening Blue shooting across the living room and straight through the fly screen door as she hurtled after a deer grazing on our lawn. Thereafter deer were the enemy and she kept watch!




Blue enjoyed getting out and about, never mind the weather. Whenever I looked to go out she would dart for the door. This certainly helped me stave-off the dreaded Iowa cabin fever. I do, however, remember loosing Blue on one of our regular evening walks when the blizzard was horizontal and I could barely see my feet. On this occasion, she made her own way home leaving me to flail around in the twilight!

All who knew Blue understood she had a passion for chasing sticks and balls. But few know why she focused on small sticks and twigs. Well, one spring day in Iowa she picked up a branch that was over 2m in length. Blue had difficulty controlling the extremities and accidentally knocked JohnO over with one end. JohnO was not hurt but he cried like only a toddler can. From that day forward Blue focused on small sticks and twigs and never picked up a large branch again!

Blue did not like the show ring. Under sufferance she obtained her American and Canadian titles. But it was clear from an early age that such parades were not high on her priority list – and she certainly knew how to prioritize. Dinner at 7pm was a priority and nail trimming was not!

Blue enjoyed motherhood and watched over her pups and ours with an iron fist and velvet glove. She will be remembered in America, Canada and Australia with great fondness and joy through what she gave to us directly and through her puppies that live in these disparate lands.



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